Directly combining publishing and funding
Directly combining publishing and funding

Aims & Scope

Leap Journals represent a novel experimental open access and Plan S compliant format for scholar research.
The novel format combines peer reviewed publishing with a research proposal, enabling direct publication
based funding while reducing time and bureaucracy. Only original articles that comprise leaps in the field will
be considered for publication and funding.
Initially, Leap Journals will publish two journals: a general life sciences journal (Leaps in Life Sciences) and a specialized journal covering microphysiological systems (Leaps in Microphysiological Systems).

How does it work?

Issues for both journals will be quarterly. Each issue will have a maximum of 12 peer reviewed original articles. The articles can have an attached, non-public, one page research proposal. After a two month publishing period that includes metrics and commentary functions, 30% of the articles will receive sponsor dependent research funding. The viability of the funding option as well as the funding amount will be announced for each issue. Research funding may initially comprise 100.000 – 200.000 EURO depending on available funds. The successful proposals will be announced in the following quarterly issue of the Leap Journals.

Cost model

For funded articles, publishing costs will be covered. Non-funded articles will pay a standard open access fee per article.

Who we are

The concept for the Leap Journal format has been established by an initiative of European scientists aiming to establish a novel open access, Plan S compliant publishing and funding format from scientists to scientists. The Leap Journal format aims to develop into a society journal.

The success of the new format will depend on sponsoring of the funding by research organizations and a high scoring editorial board which is currently being established.

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